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AKL provides a complete array of services. These services span from initial concepts to project completion depending on your wants and needs. Below you will find all of the processes and services that we provide to manage and drive the completion of your project.

feasibility studies

Detailed Project Exploration

A feasibility study explores how your project relates to the existing site dimensions, site conditions, soil bearing capacity, environmental impact, traffic patterns, relevant municipal, state and national codes, space requirements, budget restraints, and your potential future needs.

Schematic design

Your Ideas, Our Expertise

The schematic design phase reviews the ideas you may have for your project and provides you with varying alternates that may improve upon the design. If you are undecided on what you may want, we will lead you down the path to decide what may suit your needs, desires, and tastes as well as what would best fit in the neighboring community.

design development

Functional Building Design

Design development takes the schematic design and develops this into a functioning building design. During this phase of work, the exterior appearance, the structural design, electrical and mechanical layouts, and final design aspects are determined.

construction documents

Bringing it to Life

Once the design is developed, construction drawings are created adding all additional plans, dimensions, notes, details, sections, schedules, and diagrams. Our mechanical, electrical, plumbing, civil and structural engineering consultants will be contracted as needed to create their respective drawings. These drawings will be used by the general contractors to put together their final bids and by the governing municipality to review for the issuance of a building permit.

bidding & negotiation

Protecting Your Investment

After the construction drawings area completed we can solicit bids from several contractors that we feel are a good match for your project and your needs. All contractor questions will be answered in written form to all bidders. Final bids will be compared to assure all work is included in each bid, assuring accurate comparison. Final negotiations will be performed with selected general contractors.

construction administration

Managing the Entire Project

Once a general contractor is selected on-site inspections will be performed on a regular basis to assure that specified materials are being used, standard construction practices are being applied, and your project is being constructed in an appropriate manner. As contractor invoices are submitted, each will be reviewed to be certain that you are only paying for the work performed and that a proper retainage is held.

life safety review

Protection For Your Family

AKL will inspect your existing property to determine what work needs to be performed to meet the most current life safety codes. Drawings will be created for the purpose of bidding this work to general contractors, submitting to the local municipality for permit application, as well as documentation of compliance to governing authorities. This area of work is only required for government regulated buildings (schools, assisted living facilities, prisons, etc.).

interior design & decorating

Your Space, Your Way

Interior design and interior decoration services can be selected to determine the best interior layout as well as the best finishes and furnishings for your space. Whether for your home or office, we will provide you with finish samples in color palettes that complement your existing environment or create a new scheme to meet a new mutually selected concept. We will assist in the multitude of decisions to be made throughout the construction process.

other services

Start to Finish

We can also perform the tasks of permit application, energy code compliance confirmation, shop drawing review, variance submittal application and most other architectural needs you may have.

Our company policy is to provide a free initial consultation to allow you to determine whether our firm fits your personality and your project.

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