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AKL Architectural Services was founded in 2002 with the idea that quality architectural work can be made affordable by following a step by step process with experienced architects leading the way. Our firm portfolio has grown each year adding numerous projects including quality custom homes, additions and interior remodels.

We are Licensed in Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan and Florida 


Our founder and principal architect, Neal Gerdes is experienced in many areas of architecture.  While his passion remains in residential design, he has served as project architect for many other types of work including commercial tenant build-outs, industrial condominiums, car dealerships, religious, educational and medical facilities.  He also has experience from the other side of the building process as he acted as general contractor for many of the projects he designed.  The time spent as general contractor has been extremely valuable as both a reminder of what a contractor needs in a set of drawings and in becoming a better advocate for his current and future clients.


Our design philosophy is to put our architectural ego aside and, while giving our clients as much advice and direction as we can, also give the client what they ask for. If you don’t know what you want, we can help you decide what would work best for you and what would fit within the architectural context of the surrounding area. If you feel you know what you want, we can make suggestions to enhance your plans and create an improved version of your ideas.

We work with many general contractors within the Lake & Cook county areas on a regular basis and can refer you to the contractor that best suits your desires and budget. Our contractors are selected for their responsiveness, friendliness, quality of work, adherence to the construction schedule, and willingness to work to your budget. With their help, we have several check points during the design process that confirm cost estimates so you will not be unpleasantly surprised by budget overruns.

  • Quality Architectural Work Made Affordable

  • Step by Step Process with our Experienced Professionals Leading the Way

  • One Stop Shop for Your Project’s Needs

    • Architectural Design

    • Interior Design

    • Cabinetry Design & Supply

    • Finish Selections

    • Construction Management

  • Trade Partner Relationships

    • Mechanical Engineers

    • Structural Engineers

    • Civil Engineers

    • Surveyors

    • General Contractors

    • Landscape Architects

  • 20 Years in Business

    • Over 75 years of combined experience

    • Knowledge & practice working in the role of a General Contractor

  • Specify & Supply

    • Cabinetry

    • Countertops

    • Tile

    • Light Fixtures

    • Plumbing Fixtures

    • Cabinet Hardware

    • Window Treatments

    • Soft Furnishings/Furniture/Flooring

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