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Currently Expanding our Services to Florida!

Residential | Commercial | Industrial

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Residential & Commercial Architecture in Florida

Servicing Tampa, Clearwater, St. Pete, Sarasota, Naples and surrounding areas


After more than 20 years of honing our craft in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Michigan, by designing numerous new custom homesadditions and remodels as well as commercial projects for our clientele, AKL is now expanding our services into Florida. We have studied the various weather-related design requirements that are unique to this state and have completed several projects, successfully bringing the projects through the permitting process.


AKL also offers full service residential interior design services where we handle every step of your project from design concept to construction to finishes & furnishings including cabinetry and custom window treatments. Whether yours is a luxury beach home, a vacation condo, or a neighborhood home we have extensive experience working with similar projects. We are licensed and ready to help you with your project.

Custom Home Design Services in Florida


When designing a custom home or addition we understand that every project is unique. We take the time to learn each client’s individual taste, budget, and understand their list of must haves to craft and execute a concept in line with their expectations and wishes. Our approach allows us to work in all design areas. Your surroundings affect every aspect of your life, and good design can make day-to-day living more convenient, functional, inviting and relaxing.

Our residential architecture philosophy is to have both architects and interior design specialists work together and with you from the beginning to ensure that every detail is taken into account to provide an end product that our clients are thrilled with. Our designs improve how our clients live and work within their surroundings and we are excited to help each new client see their custom home design come to life.


If you’re in Tampa, FL or the surrounding areas and you’d like more information give us a call at 847-356-8025 or fill out the web form and set up your initial free consultation.

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