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Interior Design - Sherwin Williams Color of the Year 2021

Welcome to our very first blog post! What a year to start blogging…2020…need I say more? We wish that we could close our eyes and blink COVID away. Our hearts go out to all of you who have suffered through the Coronavirus or lost a loved one. We are doing our part to stay safe, healthy and protect others.

Our blog is here for you so you can learn the ins and outs of the design process through construction. Whether that be on the architecture end (nuts and bolts) of things or the interior design end we will strive to cover a variety of topics and show actual projects in progress along with real problems that can occur and how the situations were remedied. Knowledge is power and the more you know the more confident you will feel starting any project.

With more people working from home than ever before home renovations have exploded in the past several months. Why not love the space that you live & work in? What better place to start this blog but with, color.

Two of the largest paint companies have and will be announcing their color of the year. This is an exciting time in the design world. Sherwin Williams just announced its color of the year and Benjamin Moore will be announcing their color of the year on October 14.

Sherwin-Williams announced Urbane Bronze SW 7048 (245-C7), a color rooted in nature, as its 2021 Color of the Year. As the home becomes the ultimate retreat to help us feel safe and grounded, this warm and sophisticated bronze hue invites designers and homeowners to create a sanctuary in the spaces around them.

Urbane Bronze is a rich anchor that grounds the mind in calm and stability with its ties to the natural world. The color is part of the Sanctuary palette from Sherwin-Williams 2021 Colormix® Forecast, a collection of 40 trending hues, which focuses on the need for balance in design this upcoming year.

Sue Wadden, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams, describes Urbane Bronze as a comforting color that draws from nature and brings a feeling of relaxation and serenity. In addition, she explains, there's reassurance in its sentimentality, with nostalgic ties to design in the ‘70s and ‘90s, but with gray undertones that give it a distinctly modern twist.

This new neutral is bold and understated at the same time and can be used as both a primary or accent color in interiors or exteriors. Paired with natural materials such as wood, stone accents or woven textiles, Urbane Bronze conveys a sense of calm in bedrooms, living rooms and home offices.

To create balance and a sense of calm in commercial spaces, combine this hue with elements of biophilic design, including large, light-filled spaces and indoor greenery, which continue to play an important role in the design world.

As more people seek to create a retreat from the world in the spaces around them,

Urbane Bronze SW 7048 (245-C7) is an effective and easy way to deliver Zen in our daily lives.

What do you think of Sherwin-Williams 2021 Color of the Year? Let me know in the comments below!

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