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5 Considerations to Finding the Right Window Treatment Style

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

Windows play a critical role in allowing natural light and ventilation into your home. For added functionality of your home’s windows and to improve their aesthetic touch, consider custom window treatments.

With such a wide selection of treatments on the market, the choices might overwhelm you. Use the following guide when comparing window treatments.

1. Types of Window Treatments on the Market

Before you start your search for new, up to date coverings, consider some of the products available:

  • Draperies

  • Side Panels

  • Roman Shades

  • Roller Shades

  • Honeycomb Shades

  • Plantation Shutters

  • Natural Woven Shades

Each of the styles has unique functions, features, and advantages. Having a professional help guide you through the process of determining which covering will function properly for your home as well as accentuate your home’s decor will ensure a successful outcome.

2. Function of the Window Treatment

Different window treatments play unique roles and you should first consider what your home needs to choose the correct product.

A few items to consider:

  • North, South, East or West facing windows for temperature and light control

  • Privacy

  • Fabric/Material Types: sheer/translucent/opaque/black out/UVA & UVB protection

  • Operating Systems: Cords, cordless, wands, easy lift, remote control to name a few

3. Dimensions of the Windows

Each home comes with specific window styles, shapes, sizes and depths. Dimensions are a critical part of selecting window treatments. The dimensions may dictate your options for you. If you have shallow depth windows, not all shades/blinds will operate properly when installed.

4. Decorative Accents

There are a variety accents that can be added to elevate your personal style such as beads, trim or edge banding each producing a different effect.

Source: Horizons Window Fashions

5. Layered Window Treatments

The most overlooked consideration is the number of window treatments used per window. You may have a choice as to whether you should install the treatment inside mount or outside mount and some people choose to use several window treatments for each window for aesthetics as well as function. For example, you can install a roman shade inside the frame and side panels on the outside. The roman shade would be operable and used for light control as well as privacy whereas the side panels would add to the room’s decor.

Window treatments can add function and luxury to a space. A design professional can help you to achieve your desired look and guide you through the multiple options available to you as well as have your windows professionally measured and installed.

If you’d like to transform your home with exquisitely selected window coverings contact us for a free consultation.

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